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MuZiek de Singe is a Belgian quintet whose instrumental compositions define eclecticism.

“MuZiek de Singe borrows its freedom from jazz and its musical diversity from the globalized world.

Since 2010, the band has generated sounds influenced by jazz, world music, and their personal fascinations. By creating intimate shapes and robust sonic images MuZiek de Singe excels in musical storytelling.

In 2010, inspired by the energy and lyricism of Django, the quintet released their first album entitled “Les nuages ne font pas de lait” (Clouds do not make milk). It featured : gypsy guitars, double bass, multi- ethnic percussions, and vibrating saxophones. As a result the 12 compositions sewed the band’s “gipsy swing” roots. Their aromatic music flowered with underground waltz, transcendent-pop, and funky swing.

In 2013, after exploring electric atmospheres, the group abandoned their gypsy muses. Their next composition “Fermé le lundi” (Closed on Mondays) were 11 tracks of refined and assertive handicraft, that utilize not only jazz and rock guitars, but whistling and the musical saw. Imbibed by the work of Ennio Morricone, Muziek de Singe once again sprang forth with a musically diverse renaissance !

In concert the group’s delirious staging and musical imagery combines for an intoxicating experience.
In April 2017, MuZiek de Singe will release their third album! This time, the new compositions will flirt with prog-rock, oriental moods and the sonorities of the bugle and the harmonica.

And their new show will feature Véronique van der Wielen’s artwork live ! She’lll draw and project sketches, shapes and colours, weaving moving decor and living portraits as the music grows on stage.